G R I N D S - I R E L A N D
Oldest and largest private tuition website in Ireland

Grinds - Ireland dot COM contains information primarily about the Grinds Ireland database but also the grinds industry in general in Ireland.

What is the Grinds Ireland database?
Grinds Ireland is a completely Open and Free service which aims to database every tutor in Ireland for quick and easy reference for a student or their parent when looking for a tutor. We hope to in the furture to provide an annual newsletter to forward to schools and student unions in Ireland.

How can I contact this the owner of this website?
This website is owned by Dr. Eoin Clerkin. To contact us, please use the email address webmaster@grinds-ireland.com. We are always delighted to hear feedback from the website or to answer any questions or concerns you mite have. Your questions will and answers will appear below.

How come every time I check my counties webpage, it was updated within an hour day or night?
County Webpages are updated hourly from an electronic database with the use of a series crons jobs.

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