Your donation was canceled at your request. We hope you may consider completing your donation at a later date. If you pressed 'cancel' by accident, please re-visit your county's page and click 'Make a Donation' button again. We at 'Grinds Ireland' try to spend all money donated from a county on advertising in that county. So by donating from your own county, you directly benefit from money donated. For example, a donation of 10 euros may result in an advertisement in your local newspaper.

Concerned about making a donation online
We at 'Grinds Ireland' do not handle your donation directly. You will have noticed that after clicking on the 'Make a Donation' button that you were transfered to the paypal website. Paypal is a very safe and secure way to transfer money over the Internet. It has some 74 million costumers online and is one of the largest companies on the net. It accepts many of the major credit and debit cards.

Problems with Paypal
If, for whatever reason you have problems using Paypal. Please express your comments or concerns to the WebMaster. Please remember that you are under no obligation to make a donation. We hope you will continue to enjoy the service irrespective of whether you decide to make a donation or not. There a no additional services available to donating tutors.

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