Private Tutors in County dublin
There are a total of 777 tutors servicing County dublin.

Last Updated, Sat Dec 23 20:01:01 2006

Average price of grinds is
25.73 euros an hour.
Last 10 tutors registered

Natalie Mc Auliffe
Catherine Hallissey, BSc, HDip Prim Ed
Judith Russell
Fiona Kelly
Ciara Conneely
Stephanie Fitzgerald B.A. Psych
Claire Reilly
Helen Munnelly
Nadine Stratmann B.A.
Evelyn O Keeffe BA, MBS
No. of Secondary Tutors in the County
Junior Cycle5480137808251415423
Leaving Cert4768122B-47 C-50 P-50 76460313714
Not all subjects shown here, Economics only a LC subject, LC Science seperated into B - biology, C - chemisty, P - physics

Primary School Tutors,
mentioned the word primary in their additional info

Special Needs Tutors,
mentioned Austim in third level section
Alison Lee "BA. MA" , eoin barry , Michelle ,

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