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Glossary of Terms in relation to this Site

College - Third Level Institution offering post secondary certs, dipolmas and degrees to students.
Cork - A City and County to the South of Ireland. Cork County is the largest of Ireland's 32 counties. Cork City is the second biggest city in the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin - A city and county in east of Ireland. Dublin is the capital and by far the most populous county in Ireland.

English - The second official and dominant language in Ireland. Most primary and secondary courses in Ireland are conducted through English and almost all third level courses with the exception of Irish itself. The study of English is one of the three complusory subjects at primary and secondary level in Ireland.

Gaeilge - The Irish Language. Irish although a minority language in Ireland remains the official and first language of Ireland. Irish is a complusory subject in primary and seconardary schools. Some schools called 'Gael Scoils' give direction for all subjects through Irish. Its is possible and is encouraged for students to sit official state examinations through Irish, but most do not.
Galway - City and County to the West of Ireland. Galway city is the third biggest city in Republic of Ireland.
Geography - The study of the earth and its features including human life and the effects of human activity
Grinds - Hiberno English Term for Private Tuition.

History - The study of something that belongs to the past.

Institute of Technology - Several Institutes in Ireland. Institutes of Technology are places of excellent research producing third level graduates for the Irish industry.
Irish - The First Official Language of Ireland. In Irish called Gaeilge.
IT - Abbreviation for Institute of Technology

Junior Cert - Official Irish State examination. Normally taken by students of 14 to 16 years of age.
Junior Cycle - Lower Secondary Education in Ireland. Normally starting post primary and continuing for three years, It ends with the conblination of the Junior Certificate examination.

Leaving Cert - The Main Official Examination in Ireland. Six subjects count towards the overall mark of a student of which three are complusory, Irish, English and Maths.
Louth - Smallest county by landmass in Ireland. Dundalk and Drogheda are the principal towns in Louth.

Primary School - Eight Years of Education in Ireland. Pupils are normally from the age 5 to 13 years old.

Secondary School - Six, sometimes Five years of education from 12/13 to 18 years.
Senior Cycle - Upper Secondary Education in Ireland. Post the Junior Cert, the Senior Cycle normally last two to three years. Most students study 7 subjects during this time of which the six best count towars their overall grade. The Senior Cycle ends with the Leaving Certificate Examination.
Special Needs - General term to a persons who would benefit from unordinary educational techniques or specially trained or specific tutors.

Teacher - Professional Educator of Primary or Secondary Level in Ireland.
Third Level - Post Second Level Education. Third Level education can take several forms in Ireland from one year post leaving certs, dipolmas, general degrees, honours degrees, masters and doctorates and higher.
Tutor - A person who is willing to help or aid in the education of a student.

University - Body of Research and Learning Excellence in Ireland. University although like Colleges and IT in Ireland, Universities are afforded a certain amount of Independence under the Irish Consitution.

Waterford - A City and County along the South Coast of Ireland.
Westmeath - County in the center of Ireland. Mullingar and Athlone are major towns in County Westmeath.
Wexford - County to the far South-East of Ireland..
Wicklow - County also called the garden of Ireland. County Wicklow borders Dublin where most of its population reside. The south of the county is very mountainous.